Following the Race and Rider #48

All racers have a satellite tracker which bleep our position every 5 minutes or so.  The trails of these bleeps can be seen on a couple of dedicated sites which show the dots on a map, but with slightly different stats:

You can see the dots of all the riders or a selection.  My cap number is #48, although I am pretty sure you’ll be able to search my name too. You’ll be able to zoom in on wherever I am and use the google yellow jelly baby to check out the facilities in the bus shelter I’m sleeping in or the quality of that day’s kebab shop.  There is also the official website & FB page, but there will be much more action on the FB group page as the race organisers will be very busy!

I hope to be able to keep posting on Instagram and twitter (both are visible on my blog page), and for anyone on Strava I will try to upload my daily rides here.  I’m not totally sure how the hashtag thing operates but I know I have to try to remember to pin #TCRNo5 and TCRNo5cap048 to all my posts.

A quick reminder about what unsupported means

The race has a delightfully simple rule book, and one of the few rules is that I can’t get any outside help. For this reason if I tweet that I’ve shattered my wheel and you see there’s a bike shop just down the road, please don’t tell me! And don’t tell me that Fred is coming up behind me or I’m catching up with Joe. But feel free to offer encouragement and cheer, but best of all take a trip to and buy me some more kilometres.


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